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6 Ways To Generate Income From Flash Games


Flash games have really become popular in the ppast few years. Social gaming is really on the rise, with Nintendo’s Wii console and DS, and social sites like Facebook making games of accessible and appealing to a wider audience than ever before, there is a massive growth in the industry. As a Flash designer you can cash in on this by adding Flash games to your portfolio.

The most obvious way of profiting from Flash games is to develop them for clients. The freelance sites such as or ScriptLance have daily listings for client requiring Flash game development work. Not only will you earn directly from the project, but by adding that game to your portfolio you’ll attract more clients in the future.

If you don’t want the obligation and deadlines of working for clients, sponsorship mighht suit you better. This allows you to develop a game at your own pace, and once completed your sponsor pays you to embed their branding and links into the game. The amount you’ll earn will vary, depending on the company which is sponsoring you, and the quality of the game.

The next optin is to monetise your games yourself. These days several advertising networks offer the ability to embed adverts directly into your games, earning you money every time they are played. The networks usually have publishers who will distribute your games for a share of the revenue making it easy to get your game noticed.

You can also monetise your games by simply hosting them yourself, and displaying adverts on the same page. Banner adverts, Adsense blocks or affiliate promotions are all viable ways of monetising the traffic that a good Flash game will generate.

Recently several companies have introduced micro-payments and in-game currency. This allows players to buy upgrades and items, and is a new and fast growing way to monetise games. While this method is still in its infancy, I predict we’ll be seeing more and more of this in the near future.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious, and certainly the most glamorous way to capitalize on the success of a good Flash game is to release a commercial version. Whether it’s a downloadable PC game or a port to an entirely new platform, such as the Nintendo DS, the Xbox Live network or the iPhone, a well designed unique game with the right marketing can be a real success, and open the doors into the mainstream gaming industry.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no doubt that developing browser games can be very profitable, and there are some great opportunities right now to enter the industry during its growth phase. If you haven’t done so already, start working through some tutorials, pick apart some existing game source code, and learn to become a successful games developer.

Find Actionscript game tutorials, articles, book reviews, game source code and more at or download Flash game source code to learn from, modify, edit, rebrand and create brand new games at

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Most popular Design Social Games auctions


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Mobile and Social Game Design : Monetization Methods and Mechanics, Second…

design social games eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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The Most Wanted Tips To Find The Best Social Networking Software

The growth of social networking through the recent years is really monumental. With the importance of the social networking sites in business promotion, this technology has created a boom in the online marketing world. Social networking is becoming an indispensable marketing tool for any kind of marketing business. Due to this reason, the social networks are now crowded with the online marketers. Hence the savvy online marketers have started to create their own social networking websites for the past few months. With lots of social networks popped up, creating unique social networks is necessary. This is where the use of social networking software comes into play. As there are countless numbers of social networking softwares available today, choosing the best ones for your site will be very much confusing. Spending some time reading this article will ease your search for the best social networking software.

Look for social networking software with advanced features

You will be well aware of the fact there is a flood of social networking software with the common features like adding friends and communicating with them through instant messaging. Hence to highlight in the social media crowd, it is necessary to provide the visitors of your site with some software which is really unique. There are some cool social networking software which can be used to play games online. Unlike other online games which need some files to be downloaded, these social networking software require no downloads. The user can directly play multiplayer games online with his/ her friends.

Analyze the usefulness of the social networking software

It has to be noted that not all the social networking software will be useful. There are many time killing social networking software too. Though these social networking software for fun were very popular few months ago, things have changed a lot these days. People don’t have any time to waste on these social networking software. Instead, they are looking for something really useful. At this point you should think in a user’s point of view and create some social networking software which you think will be of great use to you.

Don’t do it yourself unless you are a pro

Many social media marketers make a mistake by creating the social networking software on their own even if they are not an expert in that. The important point to be noted here is that, you cannot afford any bugs and errors in the social networking software you create. If any visitor of your social networking website is presented with an error, he will quit your website instantly and will never return. Hence you should not create social networking software by yourself unless you are an expert in that. If you are not sure of creating the social networking software, it is better to get some professional help. Thankfully there are many professional social networking software developers out there.

All the above mentioned tips will help you find the best social networking software and take your website to the next level.

Social networking is a buzzword in today’s marketing world. The Author of this article knows the fact that the social networking websites must be unique to get noticed. That is the reason why he recommends the use of social networking software. More information about social networking software can be found at

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Mobile & Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics by Tim Fields Pa

Some recent design social games auctions on eBay:

Mobile & Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics by Tim Fields (E

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Mobile & Social Game Design
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4 Must Know Tips for Social Networking Web Development

You must have heard phrases like “Don’t do this, Don’t do that or follow these tips” regarding social networking web development. Though there are many dos and don’ts for the success in social networking web development, not all of them are equally important. With almost a year of hands on experience with the popular social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, we have gathered 4 must know tips for the success in social networking web development.

4. Provide the users with something useful

The way people use the Internet has changed a lot these days. Unlike earlier days when people were attracted by flashy banners and bright pictures, today people look for something useful. Today’s Internet users know the fact that “all that glitters is not gold”. This is an important point to be noted for successful social networking web development. You have seen the popularity of niche social networks like Myspace and Facebook to increase rapidly through the past few months. The reason behind this fast growth of these social networks is the introduction of very useful social networking softwares. There are some cool social networking softwares in Myspace which makes the visitors stick to the seats for long hours.

3. Include something that makes the visitors stay in your Social Networking Website

Social networking is not all about finding friends and sending messages. There should be some reason for the visitors of your social networking website to stay in your site and spend some time. Lately this year, some cool online, multiplayer games spawned in some social networking websites. Online gaming is where people spend more time today. Hence offering some free online multiplayer games in your social networking website will make the visitors spend more time. Moreover, these online games also make the users to refer the same to their friends too. Offering online games in social networks is just an example. There are many other stuff that makes users stay on your social networking website. Video and audio sharing is also an attraction today.

2. Make it easy to find friends and connect to them

The main motive of the visitors of the social networking websites is to find friends and to connect to them. Even the businessmen look for connecting to more people through the social networks. Hence for a successful social networking web development, it’s necessary to ensure that the users of your social networking website can find friends easily and connect to them with a few clicks. The user interface and the navigation through the social networking site should be made simple and easier to understand. Remember the fact that not everyone out there are Internet savvy computer geeks.

1. Don’t make the visitors of your social networking website to wait

There is one common mistake that most of the social networking web developers make. They overload the website with graphics and concentrate in making the website look eye catchy. This is a big mistake because overloading the pages with graphics will increase the load time of the webpage. This will irritate the visitors of your social networking website, no matter how good the graphic is. They will eventually quit from the page and will never return.

These are the key factors that have to be considered for successful social networking web development.

Jonathan Mac is a professional Social networking web designer of When it comes to social networking web design, he knows the fact that social networking web design should be unique or else it will be lost in the Internet Ocean.

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3 Tips That Must be Known for Effective Social Networking Web Development

While exploring web development services, you most likely have heard expressions like “Don’t do this, Don’t do that or take after these tips.” Despite the fact that there are numerous rules and regulations for the achievement in long range informal social networking web development, not each advice is equally essential. With over a year of involvement with the well-known sites like MySpace and Facebook, we have accumulated 3 must-know tips for the achievement in this very sub-domain.Make sure your website visitors do not have to wait too long.

There is one basic fault that the vast majority of the web developers often do. During SocialEngine theme development, they over-burden the site with heavy graphics, in order for making a web site eye pleasing and attractive. This is a major fault on the grounds that over-burdening the pages with representation will enlarge the loading time of the website pages. Also, this will bother the guests of your social website, regardless of how great the design is. They ultimately exit from the web page and do not come back.It should be user-friendly and feature-full

The principle rationale of the social networks is to help people make new friends as well as keep in touch with existing ones.
Indeed, even the business specialists look forward to connecting with more individuals through the interpersonal organizations. Therefore, for an effective web improvement, it’s important to guarantee that the clients of your site can discover friends effortlessly and connect with them with a couple of clicks. ELGG development is another key option to help people connect with their dear ones on the Internet for formal communication in a simpler way. Keep in mind the way that not everyone out there is Internet professional or PC nerd.Add something that can keep your visitors engaged

A social network is not about discovering friends and exchanging chats. There must be some explanation behind the guests of your site to stay in your site and invest some energy. Internet gaming is the place where individuals invest more energy today. Subsequently, offering some free online games in your social networking site will make the guests invest more energy. In addition, these online games also make the clients call out their friends and make their own online community. Social Engine SEO plugins can better help you get more visitors on your website. Offering Internet games is only an example and you can pick any engaging stuff. In fact, there is also the other stuff that makes clients keep focused on social sites. Likewise, video and images sharing is another great thing today.

These key factors must be considered for making any social networking website successful.

The author is a professional writer and loves to maintain his active presence on various social networks. He writes in association with a company that provides Social Networking Web Development service in addition to the development and maintenance.
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