Becoming a Video Game and Multimedia Artist


Game art and design is a subset of game development and is concerned with game’s artwork, such as character modeling, 2D and 3D animation, game-level designing, environment and effects, game conception and texturing. A game’s artwork has a significant impact on the entire look and feel of a game, thus ultimately becoming one of the most important factors that drive customer behaviour.

The video game industry generates multi-billion dollars as revenue annually and employs thousands of game artists. As the competition is stiffening, the demand for multimedia artists, animators and game art work designers is increasing significantly. Another factor contributing to the demand for gaming professionals is consumers’ requirements for more realistic and varied video games. These games are no longer children-specific. Rather video gaming has become a preferable recreation mean for people of all ages.

Becoming a Game Art and Design Professional

Being passionate about video games is certainly important. However, what make you eligible for employment in this industry are your creative and technical skills, qualifications and hands-on experience. Therefore, it’s important to enroll yourself in a post-secondary game design program at a reputable college, in order to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to build a sustainable career.

A game and art design program will help you in:Learning how to build 2D and 3D art assets for gamesUnderstanding how to develop game environment and charactersLearning how to conceptualize, design and develop a game levelDeveloping programming skillsBuilding skills in composition and colour, texturing, painting, post effects and material editing

What Will You Study?

A post-secondary game art and design diploma program runs for two years through four semesters. The program covers a wide selection of subjects, including drawing for 3D modeling and animation, anatomy and construction, creativity in context, composition and colour, 3D modeling and texturing, game theory, social history of design, architectural design, character design, digital painting, unreal editor, integrated media, UE3 material editing, lighting, post effects and material editing, compositing and final project studio.

This is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of games art work and prepares you to work as character modeller, character animator, level designer, texture artist, game concept artist or environment and effects artist.

Studying Game Art Design in Toronto

Numerous schools game design in Toronto offer courses in game design. Unfortunately, not all are good. A program is worth considering if it:Is delivered by industry professionals who have strong academic backgroundsOffers intensive hands-on training for building 2D and 3D art assets for games, environment and charactersProvides valuable experience through studio visits and industry eventsIncorporates industry field placement, helping you gain hands-on experience

Centennial College’s game art and design program fulfills all the above mention criteria and may be the right choice for you. The USP of this program is that it is intensively creative and is delivered in 16 consecutive months, which reduces your time to industry. You can then gain hands-on experience through industry field placement.

The author of the article discusses the process of becoming a game artist. He also writes about how Centennial College’s game design program prepares students for careers in games art works in just two years.

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6 Ways To Generate Income From Flash Games


Flash games have really become popular in the ppast few years. Social gaming is really on the rise, with Nintendo’s Wii console and DS, and social sites like Facebook making games of accessible and appealing to a wider audience than ever before, there is a massive growth in the industry. As a Flash designer you can cash in on this by adding Flash games to your portfolio.

The most obvious way of profiting from Flash games is to develop them for clients. The freelance sites such as or ScriptLance have daily listings for client requiring Flash game development work. Not only will you earn directly from the project, but by adding that game to your portfolio you’ll attract more clients in the future.

If you don’t want the obligation and deadlines of working for clients, sponsorship mighht suit you better. This allows you to develop a game at your own pace, and once completed your sponsor pays you to embed their branding and links into the game. The amount you’ll earn will vary, depending on the company which is sponsoring you, and the quality of the game.

The next optin is to monetise your games yourself. These days several advertising networks offer the ability to embed adverts directly into your games, earning you money every time they are played. The networks usually have publishers who will distribute your games for a share of the revenue making it easy to get your game noticed.

You can also monetise your games by simply hosting them yourself, and displaying adverts on the same page. Banner adverts, Adsense blocks or affiliate promotions are all viable ways of monetising the traffic that a good Flash game will generate.

Recently several companies have introduced micro-payments and in-game currency. This allows players to buy upgrades and items, and is a new and fast growing way to monetise games. While this method is still in its infancy, I predict we’ll be seeing more and more of this in the near future.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious, and certainly the most glamorous way to capitalize on the success of a good Flash game is to release a commercial version. Whether it’s a downloadable PC game or a port to an entirely new platform, such as the Nintendo DS, the Xbox Live network or the iPhone, a well designed unique game with the right marketing can be a real success, and open the doors into the mainstream gaming industry.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no doubt that developing browser games can be very profitable, and there are some great opportunities right now to enter the industry during its growth phase. If you haven’t done so already, start working through some tutorials, pick apart some existing game source code, and learn to become a successful games developer.

Find Actionscript game tutorials, articles, book reviews, game source code and more at or download Flash game source code to learn from, modify, edit, rebrand and create brand new games at

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