Social interaction is completely changing reality and the way we talk, interact and share with our peers. Not only that, but the social media is also revolutionizing many different areas on the business sector that one wouldn’t dream of. They are affecting everything we do and especially with everyone we have a connection.

Not only that, many business and companies – whether tech and on-line or not – are slowly taking notice on how powerful can this social interaction be. Just one quick e-mail or blog post, could completely destroy a brand’s reputation in a matter of seconds. The contrary is also true. Social tools can be used either to good or to evil.

Companies like Electronic Arts and Zynga, having realized this social power, are building games – and sometimes the whole company – around these social tools. Games like FarmVille, MafiaWars, The Sims 3, etc., now dominate the World Wide Web and are constant delivering powerful marketing messages to its users.

Social media tools will completely change the game – and reality – in such a way that there is no going back. No longer you will have to face whatever you are doing – it doesn’t matter if it is a job related task or just gaming for fun – just by yourself. Now, you will have plenty of people to share what you are feeling right now and also interact with many others.

We can see that this revolution is taking place rapidly due to several news and histories that we see all around us. For example, the top grossing application for IPhone on 2009 was a little application provided by Electronic Arts about the game “The Sims 3”.

Another great example of how strong is the power of social media these days, is the fact that Zynga, a quite new and relative young company founded somewhere around 2005, has already surpassed in market value one of the biggest game creators of all times: Electronic Arts. This is quite surprising and a shocking revelation.

Many on-line games will completely change the way we interact and do business. This is just the beginning; a bigger revolution is taking place and you should be part of it. Social games, such home building games and other interaction games, will be omnipresent in a few years; you better get used to it.

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