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Building a Career in Game Design and Animation

Game and art design professionals create or modify characters for video games, simulations and animated movies, using their artistic ability, imagination and computer programming and 3-D animation skills. Besides this, they perform a large number of jobs including:

* Creating facial features and body dimensions of characters in video games, animated movies and/or television shows
* Painting surface textures on animated characters, props and environments
* Rendering characters with maximum detail and quality
* Improving game flow while controlling freezing
* Working of several different types of software platforms, including Photoshop, 3D Paint, Render Man, UV Layout, Maya, etc.

The exact job roles and responsibilities may vary depending upon the employment, job title, and individual qualifications and experience.

Career Prospects

The video game and animation industry is growing continually, with no signs of slowing down. Therefore, the career prospects in game and art design are bright. And the employment opportunities are anticipated to increase further in the coming years.

The Schools Game Design, artists can find employment with game development companies, film and video production studios, animation studios, graphic design firms, web design companies, advertising firms and mobile technology companies. They can find employment for various job positions, including but not limited to:

* Character modelers
* Character animators
* Level designers
* Texture artists
* Game concept artists
* Environment and effects artists

While a formal education is not required to conceive the game concept or use one’s own artistic ability, but it can lead individuals to the right career path by helping them hone their talent and develop computer programming skills. Moreover, employers typically prefer professionals who have already undergone a formal education and training program and can help them get faster to the market.

Game and Art Design Programs in Canada

Centennial College’s game design program prepares students for exciting careers of innovative design, imagination and storytelling in 16 consecutive months. The program combines classroom learning, intensive hands-on-training in game environment development and 2D and 3D art assets building, a studio project and a field placement.

The game design and art program covers a wide range of subjects including:

* Drawing for 3D modeling and animation
* Creativity in context
* Anatomy and construction
* Perspective
* Composition and colour
* 3D modeling and texture
* Game theory
* Social history of design
* Architectural design
* Character design
* Digital painting
* Unreal editor
* Life drawing
* Integrated media
* UE3 material editing
* Lighting
* Post effects and material editing
* Compositing

The program helps students gain a thorough understanding in various aspects of game design, including conception, development and editing. It also incorporates industry events and studio visits that which students gain valuable experience and relevant industrial contacts, which can be used as references when seeking employment.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will need:

* Secondary school diploma
* English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent

In addition, they need to:

* Attend game and art design admission session
* Submit a portfolio of demonstration of their creativity and ability to communicate visually
* 10-15 pieces of artwork (may include sketches, life drawings, paintings, sculptures or digitally produced artwork)

Generally, preference is given to applicants having traditional life drawing skills and demonstrating familiarity with one or more graphics applications, such as Photoshop, ZBrush, and 3DS Max or Maya.

The author here speaks about game design program which prepares the students for a career in the booming area of animation and game development.

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