There are many different opinions behind video games. Many people agree that playing video games have more cons than they do pros. As awesome as video games are they can lead to a variety of problems but also produce a lot of fun. Here are a few pros and cons when dealing with video games.

Video Game Pros

Video games produce a lot of fun and excitement for an individual or family. They can provide hours upon hours of enjoyment and thoroughly replace boredom immediately. There are not too many other activities that can provide the enjoyment that playing video games provide. The action and competition associated with playing video games is unparalleled. Not only are video games fun to play but the graphics never get lackluster.

The Nintendo Wii is the perfect example of video games being a load of fun for an entire family. Every family member can play using the multiplayer features on most game consoles. Game producers design games to look very appealing to everyone which will draw those that do not normally play video games to at least try it. During the holiday season, video games are a big draw for the family.

Video Game Cons

The most obvious disadvantage of playing video games is the negative content that game producers allow inside these games. Games introduce to young kids profanity, bad images, violence, sex, drugs, and more. All of these bad traits are habit forming and have addictive qualities. These habits people keep with them longer than they would like. Profanity is a habit that people begin to accept as normal but its really a habit. Violence, sex, and drugs are all habit forming too which have no need in video games. Exposing young minds to these negative characteristics is dangerous.

Another video game disadvantage is gamers easily become loners and not very sociable because of their addiction to playing games. Many kids would rather play their game than go outside and play with the other kids. Because you can enjoy playing video games playing solo without someone else playing alongside you, really keeps a kid locked away inside his room. Parents need to observe this type of behavior and break this before it leads to other negative characteristics.

The addiction that comes with playing video games is hard to break. An addiction that is created at an early age sometimes continues until adulthood and beyond. Video games can be the biggest waste of productive time of anything. Many people struggle with spending hours on the video game. You can get lost playing hours and hours of video games to the point where you cannot stop. This is a potential bad habit that breaks up many relationships.

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