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An Interview with Jamie Tucker, an Independent Game Designer

In the summer of 2014, Daniel Fandino spoke with Jamie Tucker about growing up on games, game design , fan feedback, and the forthcoming Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Digital America is excited to provide the audio and the transcript of …. What do you see as the role of games like this, this social game society, games in general as we move towards this world that seems to be really connected with the internet. Do you feel you have any kind of responsibly as a game designer

The Challenges of Competition | Most Dangerous Game Design

Here at Most Dangerous Game Design , we do our best to examine fundamental elements of game design , the kinds of things that are easy to miss because they're taken for granted when we think about what games are. … Of course, all of these games have dedicated aficionados and competitive leagues, but if an expert showed up at the family barbecue neither the expert (who's hoping for some competition) nor the family (who just want a social event) would have

Wards with Fiends | Most Dangerous Game Design

For Most Dangerous's latest vaporware design project, Nick and Max sketch out the concept of Wards with Fiends: a social game where you get to send nasty “presents” to wreck your friends' stuff. ” Social gaming ,” at its core, …

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Wards with Fiends | Most Dangerous Game Design

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