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Playful Arts Festival 2014 – Urban Play | NEWMEDIA_ studies

The festival draws together international artists, designers, curators, performers and the general audience for four days to explore the cross-overs of art, play and social interaction. Themes: Urban Play, Play in the Dark, Playful Inspiration … Zimmerman and his partner Nathalie Pozzi designed the game -installation Starry Heavens which will be shown and played close to the the entry of the Stedelijk Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch. This game will be accompanied by live

The Game Layer, Glow-in-the-Dark Trees and the Design of …

Today's fascinating article in the New York Times on glow-in-the-dark trees deserves a read. And not only because trees that glow in the dark are inherently cool, or because the team behind it has raised $276k on Kickstarter

Coop Gaming on the rise | Amy Jo Kim

… is off to a good start for you. I've been heads-down busy with great projects — completed a tablet coop game design , started working on a crowdfunding project, and giving an Coop game design workshop internally to a large, international AAA games company In my world, coop is… … the overall gaming market. Take a look at these revenue projections: console gaming (the dark blue area at the bottom) is flat; all the growth is happening in PC, social , and mobile.

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Coop Gaming on the rise | Amy Jo Kim

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