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Legendary Game Designer John Romero Claims that the PC is …

“VR is going away from the way games are being developed and pushed as they go back into multiplayer and social stuff. VR is kind of a step back, it's a fad.” That thought process might get a lot of disagreement, but I've been

Leaderboards: the original social feature – Gamesbrief

They do not, therefore, have to be incorporated into the core game design . They can be pretty easily added on to most games. Most of the innovation in leaderboards, from a game design perspective, is around social or

The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part Two | TechCrunch

In the second of a three-part series exploring the constants of game design , we delve into talking about elegance, naturalism and the role of time. … Serial-play was also a common feature of social games. All those friend

Radiator Blog: Nostrum design problems and world as interface

While showing the game at GaymerX, I had to disconnect the social sim portion because, internally, the NPCs kept getting upset at each other for talking about each other to someone else — and they would be so upset that

Staying Out For The Summer: RPS Social Club | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Dare ProtoPlay is a (mostly) free indie games festival, the culmination of the Dare to be Digital game design competition, and is being held at Caird Hall in Dundee in a couple of weeks (specifically, from the 7th – 10th August).

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Staying Out For The Summer: RPS Social Club | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Empowering Mastery: the golden key to sustained engagement

Contrast that with online social gameworlds like MMOs, where there's no “game over” moment – the game continues as long as the player remains entertained and engaged. To keep their most dedicated players happy, MMOs evolved the concept … tool for keeping your most passionate customers engaged. In my next post, we'll dive deeper into Elder Game design , and learn 5 power-tips for designing an engaging, high-leverage role for your most dedicated players.

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Empowering Mastery: the golden key to sustained engagement

Maxis preparing a F2P, MMO styled Minecraft? | Lazygamer .:: The …

The unique nature of this product requires prior experience in deeply social multiplayer games such as MMOs. Deep understanding of principles of game progression design , crafting trees, technology trees, character

Another Way To Celebrate Singapore's 50th? A New Mobile Game …

Tan Heng Chee, a Game Design and Technology student from Nanyang Polytechnic, agreed that social gaming would be a good direction to take. “If it's a fun app, everyone will want to download it. If it has a nation-building

The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One | Mobile Social Hub

In the first of a two part series exploring game design , this article discusses the idea that games operate within a universe of defined constants, meaning traits to do with play that stand independent of platform, audience or

The Sims Developer Working on Unannounced Game With “Unique …

The Senior Designer facilitates and builds upon the game direction by driving the design toward the key creativity and social pillars of the product, pushing for development of uniquely innovative gameplay mechanics, and

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