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Why free-to-play won't eliminate paid games –

The reality is that many game designs don't lend themselves to free-to-play monetization. … Of course, the social game market on Facebook has faded since its prime, but there's still good money to be made there. The online

Social and Mobile gaming continuing decline | Lazygamer .:: The …

Remember when Facebook games were killing “real gaming ” and mobile was going to take over the world? Well, Zynga has zyngone, and even King isn't on top anymore. People are still spending on digital games , but the

How Twitch Created One of Greatest Breakthroughs in Gaming …

Social gaming is a term that, until recently, has been frequently misinterpreted by the industry. Social networks like Facebook or massively distributed games on smartphones try to link simple, arbitrary game design with online

Zynga Founder Leaves Daily Role at Struggling Game Maker …

The once-hot social gaming company said that Mr. Pincus decided to give up all operational responsibilities, though he will remain Zynga's chairman and largest shareholder. … Founded in 2007, the company became the hottest of a new breed of game start-ups. Before anyone else, Mr. Pincus figured out how to use the exploding growth of Facebook to create games that spread like wildfire across the social network. For a time, Zynga pumped out hit after hit, like

Want people to play your free-to-play game? Don't be greedy …

At deltaDNA, we assessed the design of over 80 games — complex massively multiplayer online worlds, through to casual Facebook and Social Casino games as well as some of the best performing mobile F2P titles.

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Want people to play your free-to-play game? Don't be greedy …

Game of Thrones Opening Sequence for Social Medias – Fubiz™

Pour la saison 4 de Game of Thrones, HootSuite a décidé de mettre en scène, à la manière du générique de la série, les clans des médias sociaux qui s'opposent : Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp,

A Game of Social Thrones Title Sequence by HootSuite | Title …

A Game of Social Thrones Title Sequence by HootSuite. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest replace the usual seven kingdom landmarks such as Winterfell and King's Landing in this 90 second video. Read More. game -of- social -thrones-video

Easter comes to myVegas on Facebook – Inside Social Games

As Spring has finally made an appearance for many of us, myVegas developer Playstudios has launched a series of Spring-themed updates in its Facebook slot machine game , as well as a new slot machine and real-world

Why You Should Care That Facebook Spent $2 Billion To Buy …

The Oculus Rift has been designed and marketed to date as a gaming device. Sure, people play Facebook games … but that's not really why the social behemoth made this move, industry experts and watchers are saying.

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Why You Should Care That Facebook Spent $2 Billion To Buy …

Roundtable: Social Reality or Virtual Nightmare? –

At the same time, Facebook, struggling to find gaming relevance since the social bubble burst, suddenly claims stewardship of the most highly touted “next big thing” in the industry since the Internet. Surprise aside …. Perhaps one day it might be all of those things, but for now it's a televisual technology which has the potential to revolutionise remote working, health care, design , warfare, communications, entertainment and, irrefutably, the adult industry. Think about the

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