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Sonic the Hedgehog as Represented in Flash Games


Sonic the hedgehog flash game is an umbrella name, indicating innumerable sonic games which delight and excite the players, irrespective of the age and sex. The enthusiasts of sonic games call the character as blue blur and now this favorite video game character is imported to World Wide Web, successfully. To suit to the today’s players’ needs, the sonic games are converted and remade to fit to the online flash games arcade, without any change in the excitement in the original sonic games. You can have the fun, as you had it in the real video games, along with the technological updates in the game.

Flash is applied in these sonic the hedgehog series of games, to maintain it as all time favorite, among the players. Flash has become the most favored tool in the web design and is the cutting edge technology in designing animation and it is widely accepted to create the user friendly web based games. That is the reason, why the web wizards use flash in sonic online games. Further, it is much helpful in describing the kind of file, created for the particular program. These web pages are created, just like the entire image and the loading process is quite fast, as it is mainly based on vector. Both designers and sonic the hedgehog players consider flash as their favorite, owing to its flexibility, speed and the amazing quality in downloading. As the players need not reload it every time, they play; many prefer to play flash sonic online games.

Sonic games have filled both the televisions and computer screens, with nonstop fun hours. At the initial stages, you may not be able to cope up with the speed of this sonic the hedgehog games, but later as avid player, you will know the tactics involved in these action packed games. Only if you are a keen observer, you can keep track of the fast paced movements of the sonic online games. Today, there are countless sonic games flooding over online websites and you can play, based on your preference.

Both kids and adults love to play the puzzle games version of sonic the hedgehog. These are specially created to attract the kids, as they are a bit slow paced and do not involve too much usage of controls. Moreover, people who love to solve puzzles to refresh their day can start with Amy’s Whack a Nik or matching games in sonic games genre. There are also some sonic games, where you can create your own settings or scene for a game, to play with.

Websites hosting flash games often have sonic the hedgehog games in them and they are easy to access, as well. There is not any registration or subscription is involved in sonic online games. With the given long list of sonic games, you can select the favorite game and start away, immediately. If you belong to the sect of people, who keep wondering how to play fast paced games, certainly, sonic online puzzle games are the right kind to play, as it has the flexibility in timing.

As sonic the hedgehog is available free, millions of players, around the world prefer to play sonic games, to relax or to while away their time. Even if you do not posses any gaming console, you can play in the browser based option.

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6 Ways To Generate Income From Flash Games


Flash games have really become popular in the ppast few years. Social gaming is really on the rise, with Nintendo’s Wii console and DS, and social sites like Facebook making games of accessible and appealing to a wider audience than ever before, there is a massive growth in the industry. As a Flash designer you can cash in on this by adding Flash games to your portfolio.

The most obvious way of profiting from Flash games is to develop them for clients. The freelance sites such as or ScriptLance have daily listings for client requiring Flash game development work. Not only will you earn directly from the project, but by adding that game to your portfolio you’ll attract more clients in the future.

If you don’t want the obligation and deadlines of working for clients, sponsorship mighht suit you better. This allows you to develop a game at your own pace, and once completed your sponsor pays you to embed their branding and links into the game. The amount you’ll earn will vary, depending on the company which is sponsoring you, and the quality of the game.

The next optin is to monetise your games yourself. These days several advertising networks offer the ability to embed adverts directly into your games, earning you money every time they are played. The networks usually have publishers who will distribute your games for a share of the revenue making it easy to get your game noticed.

You can also monetise your games by simply hosting them yourself, and displaying adverts on the same page. Banner adverts, Adsense blocks or affiliate promotions are all viable ways of monetising the traffic that a good Flash game will generate.

Recently several companies have introduced micro-payments and in-game currency. This allows players to buy upgrades and items, and is a new and fast growing way to monetise games. While this method is still in its infancy, I predict we’ll be seeing more and more of this in the near future.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious, and certainly the most glamorous way to capitalize on the success of a good Flash game is to release a commercial version. Whether it’s a downloadable PC game or a port to an entirely new platform, such as the Nintendo DS, the Xbox Live network or the iPhone, a well designed unique game with the right marketing can be a real success, and open the doors into the mainstream gaming industry.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no doubt that developing browser games can be very profitable, and there are some great opportunities right now to enter the industry during its growth phase. If you haven’t done so already, start working through some tutorials, pick apart some existing game source code, and learn to become a successful games developer.

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The Versatility of Flash Games


Flash games have been around for a long time, essentially ever since the program’s introduction by Macromedia back in 1996. Currently, newer versions of Flash are made under Adobe, which purchased Macromedia in December of 2005. When Flash first came out, it was quite difficult to design games, as the application had not had time to be perfected and still had many bugs and flaws.

In fact, one had to be almost a computer genius just to figure the program out, let alone design a game with it. Over the years, as Flash evolved and was updated, it became progressively easier to manipulate and learn. Nowadays, even a novice can teach himself to develop Flash games in as little as a week, although it takes longer to design advanced games.

Flash has its own unique coding language that programmers use to add interactivity to their creations. The language is known as Actionscript, which along with Flash, was developed by Macromedia. It closely resembles the web language Javascript and is based on ECMAScript. Those who are familiar with Javascript and other dialects of ECMAScript can easily pick up Actionscript. For one to create a game in Flash, it is required that they know Actionscript, as it is impossible to develop any interactive application without utilizing it. Like other programming languages, there are a wide variety of resources and books on the subject, so anybody who is interested in learning it has the freedom to do so.

There are numerous benefits of Flash games over traditional computer software games. First and foremost, they are free, and you will rarely ever find a website that charges you to play Flash games; if paid websites do exist, they probably do not get any business, as it is incredibly easy to find a site that hosts Flash games that anyone can access. Flash applications are inherently unique, and each one has a different and inimitable feel.

Due to this fact, one will never get bored, and being that the games are free, you can play as many games as you want for as long as you want and never have to pay a penny, unlike computer games which can cost fifty dollars and which one tires of relatively quickly. Every day, new Flash creations are added to the Internet. There are even some websites that exist solely for the purpose of receiving Flash submissions, and many of these sites allow users to vote on which games they like best.

Beyond simple entertainment, there are many market applications for Flash games. Businesses can add games to their websites as a means to attract potential customers, retain them, and offer added value besides just their products. Depending on the quality of a game, it can turn out to be viral, and spread around the Internet at a rapid pace. If you can manage to host an exclusive, viral Flash game on your website, the amounts of traffic you receive will be astounding.

However, it takes a long time and a lot of labor to develop an application, meaning that if you cannot do it yourself, you will need to pay thousands of dollars to someone else to make one for you. Like any investment, there is both the potential for profit or loss, so if you choose to take this route, make sure the game designer you go with has a high quality track record and is reliable.

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