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Formula Wincars: Building a Racing Game Meant for Everyone …

With a team of 10, they are currently working on their first game, Formula Wincars, an innovative MMO arcade racing game full of adventures and surprises in every circuit. Jesús Luengo, Formula Wincars' game designer in

Jewel Epic review – Inside Social Games

While Jewel Epic is a mostly very conventional match-3 experience, it does at least provide a few small twists on the formula that help distinguish it from its numerous imitators in the social and mobile gaming sectors. … This means that careless or accidental clicks can easily result in the player depleting their stocks of in- game currency much more quickly than they intend, which feels like rather poor design from a player-friendliness perspective. Jewel Epic. This issue …

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Jewel Epic review – Inside Social Games

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