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Atari moves into social casino gaming with FlowPlay partnership …

Atari Inc. is entering the social casino gaming arena. … Boeing engineers create the PebbleBee, so you never lose your keys, kids or TV remote. Click to see full list of member messages. Become a Golden Geek or Super

Rear Guard Action: The Social in analogue games

I'd like to point you to this thought provoking post on social gaming on designer site Gamesbrief. It is about computer games , but I think the golden question is: can miniature and board game companies use these same

Golden Nugget creates Facebook social game | Poker Party

Golden Nugget creates Facebook social game . Submitted by nicolae on Wed, 08/11/2010 – 03:00. Golden Nugget Vegas Casino. The first Facebook social game by a casino is here: Golden Nugget Vegas Casino. Launching today by the downtown Las Vegas casino of the same name, the social … Webmaster. Web Design & Development Internet Marketing & Advertising English-Romanian Translation Nicolae Sfetcu E-mail: [email protected] Tel.: 0745-526896. Follow me on Twitter & Facebook …

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Golden Nugget creates Facebook social game | Poker Party

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