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Gamifying healthcare for patients | IT Business

In his past lives, Fergusson was a fighter pilot and a terraforming engineer – but now, he's turned to game design for a social good. In 2012, his work with Ayogo netted him the “ social entrepreneur of the year” title for the

Kevin D. Saunders Social Interview

Ex-Obsidian designer Kevin D. Saunders is the latest to join the Q&A-driven social network Formspring, following J.E. Sawyer and George Ziets among others, and has already started answering questions on his past work. Here's on Neverwinter Nights … George Ziets established some specific themes that we emphasized throughout the game and we wove them through both the main storyline and side quests and area-specific sub plots. Though I was happy that the …

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Kevin D. Saunders Social Interview

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