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Social Media & Web Design workshop at Leaders in Training

A few social media tools I like. RSS aggregators, such as Feedly: this lets you create a reading list from a whole bunch of different sources. For example, if you like gaming , get all the latest stories from Kotaku, IGN, GiantBomb,

New World Notes: Don't Miss Cara Ellison's Personal Exploration of …

If you're looking for a particularly thoughtful (and slightly romantic) piece of games writing to read, Cara Ellison's “American Roads and Game Design : A Love Letter” over on Kotaku UK is one of the most interesting posts I've

On Game Design and Departures, Briefly. | Lady Geek Girl and Friends

In an interview with Kotaku, Iga details how he changed departments in Konami, moving from core console games to social games (his first game was the dating sim Tokimeki Memorial). He goes on to explain that he is

3DS StreetPass Devs Talk Single-Player Design Approach to Social …

The idea behind 3DS' StreetPass Mii Plaza and related minigames was to subtly blend a unique form of socialization with single-player game design , two of its developers told Kotaku in a recent interview. Kouichi Kawamoto

You Are Reading a Game Design Blog Post – Gamasutra

You Are Reading a Game Design Blog Post (Photo: Kotaku) You Are Reading a Game Design Blog Post. Ben Serviss is a freelance game designer working in commercial, social , educational and indie games. Follow him on

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