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Social Games and Race Tracks « FEM IRL

As a game designer , one of my jobs is to make sure that, in the case of multiplayer games, I create experiences that are “ socially sticky”, meaning people make connections with other people and that experience keeps them

Maximize the Lifetime Value of a Social Game Player – Behind the …

… grow fertilizer'. As a game designer it is very important to make sure that your virtual economy is not an after thought but integrated in the actual game play and user experience. … Add More Fun to your Social Game Design !

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Maximize the Lifetime Value of a Social Game Player – Behind the …

Zynga promotes New Chief Creative Officer |

As we have written about earlier, there is a sea change going on right now in the social games space. In fact, there are serious issues inherent in social game design which will make sure companies like Zynga have their work …

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Zynga promotes New Chief Creative Officer | » Kandinsky and Game Design

What is it about the “methods” of abstract art that game design can learn? By doing so, we can, as Kandinsky suggests, make sure that “one art learns how another uses its methods”, and not in a “superficial”, but a “fundamental” way. … One of the prevalent topics of discussion within the games industry this year is the dichotomy between ” social games” and “traditional games”. (This is particularly interesting to me since, as some of you know, I’m working on a …

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Social Networking | FXV Digital Design

In today’s social networking era it’s important to make sure you are at the top of your game in all of the Top 4 social networks. We are here to make sure your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube are up to par. Facebook Design …

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Social Networking | FXV Digital Design

Didacticism in Game Design – Click Nothing

Rather than delving deeper into the questions of how we implement this sort of material – I want to back up a bit and make sure that in our attempts to design and build these new ' socially responsible' features into our games

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