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You are invited to grow your Social audience. | Greatpoetrymhf's …

Grow your Social Audience. Run and complete Missions to grow your audience Discover new content and people. Earn Rewards for being social Redeem for Gift Cards, Music, Movies and more! via Check out my profile and connect with me on Empire Avenue. … Effectiveness versus efficiency

Lead Game Designer jobs in San Mateo | Digital Chocolate

The Lead Game Designer is responsible for the design of world class social games on platforms like Facebook and other social networks. They own the core gameplay loop, the tuning of the economy and items, and the missions and goals that …

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Lead Game Designer jobs in San Mateo | Digital Chocolate » The Myth of Personal Agency

… well as some productive work for my clients. However, the time has at last come to explore a few of those conversations further, and the first of these would have to be the issue of autonomy and agency in constructed social environments online. … In game design , human agency is even more framed, not just by the design of the game, but by the obligation that players have to the missions and to other players in their guilds. Indeed for some players in real time online …

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