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Formula Wincars: Building a Racing Game Meant for Everyone …

With a team of 10, they are currently working on their first game, Formula Wincars, an innovative MMO arcade racing game full of adventures and surprises in every circuit. Jesús Luengo, Formula Wincars' game designer in

Game Design as Cultural Practice » Blog Archive » League of …

For the past few years, a lot of social networks, online communities, virtual worlds and MMO games have been build to satisfy that desire. These cyberspaces have been significantly influenced our culture, economy and

EverQuest Designer Launches Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen …

Brian McQuaid, a longtime designer of massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as EverQuest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, has launched a Kickstarter campaign today for his latest MMO title, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Described as a “group-focused … Pantheon is being visually geared towards like-minded players, eager to take upon a challenging combat system and “intensely social game for the determined thrill-seeker.” Pantheon's combat places a focus on

Avakin Life Provides iOS Gamers with a 3D Social MMO to Talk and …

Avakin Life is a game for users to socialize and compete while exploring a 3D world. This social MMO allows users to chat, meet friends, decorate their apartments, and host parties for friends to come check out their design

Flower Design Shop – Free online games at

Your zone to play free online games . Join or Login. Home

How to Make a Good Firefly Video Game | KEVIN JAMES WONG

This particular Firefly game is a “ Social MMO” for Smartphones. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I've had experience with both Social Facebook games and MMORPGs. “ Social games ” utilize Skinner-box design to

The Soapbox: What MMOs could learn from social gaming | Massively

There's a sense in a lot of MMO design that either you're going through an entire dungeon together or you're playing separately, but most social games let you jump in, help someone for five minutes, and then get back to …

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The Soapbox: What MMOs could learn from social gaming | Massively

Game Designer – Micazook – Video Game Jobs – Careers Arcade

Micazook is an award winning developer of games and applications based in the UK. We are currently looking for a very innovative game designer to help create the next gen social , casual and MMO games in our company.

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Game Designer – Micazook – Video Game Jobs – Careers Arcade

Tobold's Blog: Payment models and game design

As a fan of behavioral economics, I totally agree with that premise: Game companies will strive to design games that maximize the earnings potential of their game . But where I disagree is his idea that: “Under a subscription MMO model … Instead of leveraging social network effects, MMORPGs are being developed into a “massively single-player” direction, where players simply have no use for each other. I think that there is a lot of missed business potential in creating …

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Tobold's Blog: Payment models and game design

Terra Nova: Cool Job Opening at Bioware

The BioWare Label is a division of EA which crafts high quality multiplatform role-playing, MMO, social , play-for-free, and strategy games , focused on emotionally engaging, rich stories with unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover. … and optimization of in- game revenue streams; Optimize catalog assortment (item mix/overlap) and maximize the efficiency (entry/exit timing) of the item portfolio; Work with design and development to formulate strategies to …

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Terra Nova: Cool Job Opening at Bioware

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