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Zynga Buys NaturalMotion For $527M, Signaling A New Tack For …

for its data-driven approach to game design . … “Combined with Zynga's reach, social networking expertise, and advanced audience measurement tools, NaturalMotion and Zynga should be a very potent combination.”.

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Zynga Buys NaturalMotion For $527M, Signaling A New Tack For …

Game Designer – NaturalMotion

Game Designer . NaturalMotion Games is one of the fastest-growing social mobile publishers on iOS and Android. We're looking for an experienced Game Designer to join the NaturalMotion Games team in San Francisco. This is a major

Designer – NaturalMotion

You already have a few shipped games under your belt, but are looking for more challenges. At NaturalMotion Games, you will apply your knowledge of Game Design to create fun genre-crossing free to play titles with strong viral and social

psysal: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

When I was a bit younger, I played Zelda I and II, and it was a lovely, social thing. We would head to lunch at my friend’s house to methodically burn bushes, or to write down long Gambling Cave sequences in a futile effort to crack the RNG . … Warp gates to a game designer are a handy way to refashion the game space to help the player get around. They reshape space in a way which really isn’t in accord with the natural world, but which is useful. …

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psysal: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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