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The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part Three | Mobile Social Hub

In the last of this three part series on the constant factors of game design we're talking all about the role of the player as character (or not) and powerful draw of purpose. Read More

Are multiplayer games really all that social? | Technology …

Social games like Destiny are based on a clever business model where the mode of participation is endless investment. … “ Social ” is as big a thing in video games as it is anywhere else in tech and digital media. … games are supposed to be about the player first and foremost; there is, developers say, “emergent storytelling” derived from the experiences players have in game fictions that is richer and more meaningful than any linear narrative an author could design .

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Are multiplayer games really all that social? | Technology …

Empowering Mastery: the golden key to sustained engagement

Contrast that with online social gameworlds like MMOs, where there's no “game over” moment – the game continues as long as the player remains entertained and engaged. To keep their most dedicated players happy, MMOs evolved the concept … tool for keeping your most passionate customers engaged. In my next post, we'll dive deeper into Elder Game design , and learn 5 power-tips for designing an engaging, high-leverage role for your most dedicated players.

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Empowering Mastery: the golden key to sustained engagement

Multiple Methods of Microtransactions in Game Design | Xsolla Blog

The growth of free to play and monetization have altered how games are being designed and have created a debate between the old and new guard when it comes to designing your title. Monetization whether it's in a free to play or retail game comes with specific design … Social games like Farmville are built around monetization that restricts the player unless they spend money. The best cases of DLC and monetization and the ones gamers look favorably on is when

Reality is a Game | Support DeepCity 2030: A City Sim About Cats …

The game has a hyperbolic approach to climate change and it's up to the player to figure out what sort of city they want to create . Players can deal with … It's a social game with a fun environmental twist. The team includes

Choose Death: Social Mapping for Judges-of-Little Brain

Continued thoughts from last night, when I asked the G+ RPG folks for recommendations on games that effectively manage social space / interactions the same way that our D&D-like games map physical “dungeon” spaces. I am not a game designer — so please, brighter internet minds, point out my missteps and errors. A 10' x 10' corridor, running north and south. Contrary to what we've were told in the 3.x DMG this doesn't actually limit player choice: Player 1: Screw

What Games Are: The Multiplayer Singularity | TechCrunch

There's a tendency in game design circles to think of the potential of games as being wrapped up in some great leap. When we have the … It allows the player to play without social judgment or pressures. And finally, crucially

Learning Game Design Series, Part 3: Game Mechanics | e …

A game's mechanics are the rules and procedures that guide the player and the game response to the player's moves or actions. Through the mechanics you create , you define how the game is going to work for the people

Clipping in game's sound – Social Sound Design

Another question, is it impossible to create a clipping-free game ? Because unlike conventional music which you carefully mix things to a perfect shape, in a game you never know that your player will or won't do something …

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Clipping in game's sound – Social Sound Design

Blood Brothers' secret to success: Events – Inside Social Games

In the free-to-play social game for iOS and Android, the player is put in the shoes of a warrior turned vampire on a journey for revenge. Players progress through the game by completing quests. Users are tasked with building a …

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Blood Brothers' secret to success: Events – Inside Social Games

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