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Digital innovation and audience engagement at the Commonwealth …

Although Ford UK vehicle production ended last year, the Commonwealth Games sponsorship deal allowed the company to promote its design and innovation work still taking place here. Using the hashtag #playyourpart, Ford activated its sponsorship throughout Glasgow and Scotland with a combination of outdoor, experiential, digital and social media marketing. Twenty home nations athletes, including Scottish swimming gold medallist Hannah Miley and English

BMJ Group blogs: BJSM blog – social media's leading SEM voice …

This report describes the injuries seen in high-performance British/ Scottish curlers between 2000-2010, many of whom have been successful in World Championships and most recently in the 2014 Winter Olympic games . Design : Athletes receive regular medical care and physiotherapy, and complete health profiling by questionnaire. Records were kept of each encounter with a health professional. Data was entered into a database, and analysed. A probability (p)

Bips review – Inside Social Games

Bips is a new Facebook game produced by Denki but wholly developed by Denki alumni at Ludometrics. The game was originally prototyped by veteran Scottish developer DMA Design (now Rockstar North, best known for …

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Bips review – Inside Social Games

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