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Tobold's Blog: Population management

If we consider 100,000 players for a MMORPG the new normal, we could certainly design games which can live with that number financially. But both the social structures in a MMORPG and the technical infrastructure of many

Chat App Line Focuses on Social Gaming – The Next Web

Line, the chat app company closing in on 500 million registered users, is doubling down on gaming after announcing a 10 billion yen ($97 million) fund for developers who produce titles for its social games platform. It has also

An Interview with Jamie Tucker, an Independent Game Designer

In the summer of 2014, Daniel Fandino spoke with Jamie Tucker about growing up on games, game design , fan feedback, and the forthcoming Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Digital America is excited to provide the audio and the transcript of …. What do you see as the role of games like this, this social game society, games in general as we move towards this world that seems to be really connected with the internet. Do you feel you have any kind of responsibly as a game designer

Using game-design pedagogies to embed skills in the law curriculum

… 'softer' competency-based skills and literacies. This event explored how game – design pedagogies can help to embed these skills into the curriculum through a range of formative, transactional and extension activities.

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Using game-design pedagogies to embed skills in the law curriculum

Call: “Identity and Play: Playing with Self in Digital Games and …

… Playing with Self in Digital Games and Social Media. Play with self and personal identity can vary over time, across media, and as a consequence of psychological and social context. … The panel discussion will examine specific examples of self construction in virtual environments and how existing media designs — including, prominently, digital game designs — engage, facilitate, and, potentially, inhibit play with self. We are positioning this panel as a review of

IGDA San Diego » IGDA Spotlight: Dylan Marquez

With the exception of Qualcomm and Pocketwatch, my career had been spent entirely in the social game space and I wore many hats from artist, to lead designer , to producer. Since Double Jump, I have been working with my

Grand Cru's grand vision for mobile gaming |

With lifetime funding of some $16 million, Grand Cru's 30-strong team has set itself the lofty objective of revolutionisng mobile and social games . That kind of talk isn't uncommon among mobile startups, but, as Pasula points

Play and Be Real About It – What Games Could Learn From Kink …

The kind of games and design philosophies that are valued project to people navigating through systems and problem solving for the games ' sake; there is actually little about the ludo aspect of this sort of future, rather, obsession with game objects. … She uses similar language, about how mainstream games are empathically challenged, using imagery of social issues as a top layer that is dressing for gaming a system. anna provides the comparison between Mighty

CFP: Thinking, analysing and designing Expressive Games | frans …

Spread the word: International seminar Thinking, analysing and designing Expressive Games 24-25 November 2014, METZ, FRANCE CREM / LORIA, University of Lorraine Selection Process Proposals are expected by 1st September 2014. … However, in recent years, a growing number of games , frequently released by the independent scene, directly or indirectly address individual, social , psychological, societal topics related to everyday life (Cart Life, Gone Home,

Use Social Media to Create Loyal Customers | The H&H Group

These results suggest businesses could provide the best contact experience possible by upping their social media game . There are a variety of ways we can help you design a social media program that breeds customer

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