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The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One | Mobile Social Hub

In the first of a two part series exploring game design , this article discusses the idea that games operate within a universe of defined constants, meaning traits to do with play that stand independent of platform, audience or

An Analysis of the Incredible Game Design Found in the First Level …

Game designer Dan “OtherDan” Emmons analyzes the incredible game design found in the very first level of the 1985 Super Mario Bros. video game in a fascinating video narrated by Daniel Floyd. The video is the first in a

Announcing the NYU Game Center EVO Scholarship Recipient …

The NYU Game Center is proud to announce that the first EVO Scholarship has been awarded to Tony Kao, an illustrator and graphic designer based out of Chicago. Kao will receive over $20,000 towards his studies at the Game Center in pursuit of a Masters of Fine Arts in game design. Like many fighting game veterans, Kao's … The Winning Pitch. We welcome you to join us for a social game design workshop and competition at the NYU Game Center …Read More

A Conversation With…Superstar Game Designer Scott Almes | Go …

I've always loved to see how things work – and design things myself – and I'm fortunate enough to have a day job that I really enjoy. Tom: You're the first … They love deduction and social gaming . What parts did you have to

Blogs Tweet like Candy? Social sharing through games – Marketing …

The concept of social gaming has been around for a few years now – in fact, it could be said the very first MMOG (massively multiplayer online game ) was created in 1974 with the first graphic virtual world Mazewar, but recent

ArtWorks Week 1: Game Design Co-Op | Young Audiences of …

ArtWorks Week 1: Game Design Co-Op. *Post written by Team Elemental: Darius Daniels, Che Thrash, Brianna Cotton, and Alexis Simuel. During the first week of this program, we created outdoor social games and board

Drink in Design – Game Night! | MODA

Experiment with a social trading game designed just for this evening. Try to be the first to obtain all of the design cards to build your Museum of Design. Begin with a challenge and end with a swap, or, just maybe, you will

Foxli Rush review – Inside Social Games

FoxLi Rush has its sound turned off by default upon starting, though it's not immediately apparent that there's an option to turn it back on again, and if there wasn't it certainly wouldn't be the first social game released with no sound whatsoever. However, turning the sound on immediately … It's not sure if it wants to be an accessible casual game, or a stat-heavy role-playing game designed to appeal to hardcore “min-maxers.” The two parts clash with one another …

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Foxli Rush review – Inside Social Games

Game Design School | Social Bookmarking 2013

DSK Supinfogame is the first videogame design school in India. This school is dedicated to those who want to become professionals in the gaming industry. The game design courses have been developed in consultation with the game …

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Game Design School | Social Bookmarking 2013

Disney gives Oz the Great and Powerful the Temple Run treatment

Temple Run: Oz, unsurprisingly, blends Imangi's hit game Temple Run with Frank Baum's world of Oz. The game leverages the Temple Run 2 platform, which is faster and more fluid than its predecessor, and allows players to run along the Yellow Brick Road while avoiding things like snap dragons and collapsing bridges. Disney Mobile tells us … Inside Social Games is the first blog dedicated to tracking the convergence of games and social networks. Read more.

Disney gives Oz the Great and Powerful the Temple Run treatment

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