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Indie-Ana Co-Op and the Dev Stories – Fostering Gaming …

… always mean it has co-op that was part of the design decisions from day one. This month in Indie-Ana Co-Op, lead designer /founder of Mount Olympus Games , Lyle Cox, shares his vision and design philosophy with us for Together: Amna & Saif. … The way they removed all competitive elements from the game made it one of the most enjoyable social gaming experiences I ever had. After a year and a half of working at nights prototyping different ideas including an

New World Notes: Don't Miss Cara Ellison's Personal Exploration of …

If you're looking for a particularly thoughtful (and slightly romantic) piece of games writing to read, Cara Ellison's “American Roads and Game Design : A Love Letter” over on Kotaku UK is one of the most interesting posts I've

How a Classroom Game Becomes an Embedded Assessment …

In Galactic Mappers, a social studies game about physical geography, students compete in teams to create the most geographically diverse continent in a shared hemisphere. This group mapping project encourages students

Festival Spotlights Video Games That Help Teach Social Lessons …

… in for hours at a time, so how can video games be used for good? The Games for Change Festival tries to answer that question by spotlighting games being used as a tool to help teach some of the most serious social lessons.

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Festival Spotlights Video Games That Help Teach Social Lessons …

Hey Brands: Get Your Game On! – Social Media Today

No medium beats digital games when it comes to the most important marketing metrics of engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Games are designed for stickiness and the marketing-monetization ecosystem works so well for

Facebook acquiring Oculus for $2 billion | GamesIndustry International

“Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate.” In a post on his timeline, Zuckerberg said that immersive gaming is only the first application the company


At the beginning of this semester, our cohort started one of the most looked-forward to classes at DSI, Games for Impact. Taught by Asi Burak, Co-President for Games for Change, and Naomi Clark, a game designer at the Brooklyn Game

Taking games seriously • Articles •

Ian Bogost is perhaps one of the most influential figures guiding game design theory and working to shape the young art form. …. And another that thinks games should be social commentaries (see many emerging indies).

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Taking games seriously • Articles •

How six global brands use gaming for recruitment | Two Hives

One of the most interesting strands of using games in a corporate context is the creation of ' social games ” for recruitment purposes. These platforms are principally designed to engage and attract potential younger new hires,

Social Anx Game Playtest Summary | Advanced Game Design Blog

The people who playtested our game were very weirded out from our choice of design . Our eyes were the star of the game demo, as everyone complimented on them being the most subtly creepy thing they have ever

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