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Mitch Zamara is Creating a Global Gaming Community | Casual …

… Design Lead, FunPlus Game. Mitch Zamara, game design lead at FunPlus Game, says that for him, the greatest fun in the games industry comes from seeing his ideas become reality and knowing he is creating entertainment for millions of people. … The biggest challenge the game industry is currently facing, in Zamara's opinion, is the negative stigma mobile and social games have acquired as a result of the tactics used in gaining virality. Although there are people

Making iPad Chop Suey With Veggie Samurai

The addiction is only furthered by the added social elements that come with OpenFeint. As has been noted in prior iDevice reviews, the integration is a bit basic by Facebook social game standards, consisting of only sharable … On the negative side of things, the biggest design issue comes down to depth of game -play. All the vegetables come apart in the same way regardless of how you hit them, and the splattering gratification does lose some of its fun after a while. …

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Making iPad Chop Suey With Veggie Samurai

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