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Brandon Beauchesne-Hebert – Pantheon – World Building Podcast


Brandon Beauchesne-Hebert – Pantheon – World Building Podcast
from Pantheon – World Building Podcast
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The Code: Is "Social Gaming" A Misnomer?

Due to a design flaw—in this case, the flaw is with a game that cannot be paused—I am finally experiencing true relationship strife. And while this phenomenon may sound most familiar to those who play MMORPGS like World

Marketing Through Social Media Can Help You … – Larym Design

It doesn't take a lot of money to promote your business on social media sites, especially not when considering how effective the promotion can be. This article will help you use this marketing technique. Add a Facebook button to your blog posts. … You can have a professional game designer handle all the details, but try to come up with a great gaming idea yourself. You should now know that small businesses around the world are using social media to promote their

An Interview with Jamie Tucker, an Independent Game Designer

In the summer of 2014, Daniel Fandino spoke with Jamie Tucker about growing up on games, game design , fan feedback, and the forthcoming Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Digital America is excited to provide the audio and the transcript of …. What do you see as the role of games like this, this social game society, games in general as we move towards this world that seems to be really connected with the internet. Do you feel you have any kind of responsibly as a game designer

Of Geese and Game Theory: Auctions, Airwaves – and Applications

What's the connection between social sciences research on game theory and your ability to make calls from your cellphone anywhere in the country, watch your favorite cable TV show, find a good restaurant anywhere in the world, or live stream the “big game ” on your smartphone? … To ensure efficient allocation, the auction would need to be designed to ensure that bidder behavior revealed the worth and value of individual elements or a “package” of the spectrum.

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Of Geese and Game Theory: Auctions, Airwaves – and Applications

Moscow and Atlanta Join Forces in Video Game Quest | A Great …

The 2014 Jennifer Ann's Group Game Jam is presented by Jennifer Ann's Group, Southern Polytechnic State University, Teplitsa of Social Technologies, and Georgia Game Developers Association. A game jam is a gathering of people for the … of Social Technologies in Moscow. The teams will collaborate via Skype to talk with some of the world's leading experts on emotional health issues and to discuss game design ideas during the 48 hours of the game jam.

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Moscow and Atlanta Join Forces in Video Game Quest | A Great …

2014 FIFA World Cup is the Most Social Sports Event Ever | AddThis …

We took a look at athletes, sponsors, and social buzz over the last thirty days (May 11 – June 10) to paint the social landscape for the upcoming games . Social buzz about World Cup athletes has been happening for months,

"Ole Ola" the World Cup 2014 in Social Media |

As tradition has it, the host country, Brazil, will kick off the games tomorrow June 12 with a game against Croatia. And do you know where the World Cup will have the biggest hype? In social media, of course! Take advantage

“Ole Ola” the World Cup 2014 with Social Media – MSM DesignZ Blog

It finally starts tomorrow June 12 with a game between Croatia and the host Country Brazil; and you know where will be the World Cup big? In Social Media, of course! Take advantage of this great sporting event and wind up brand … The first App is “ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup” designed to provide in-depth analysis, available for free for iOS and Android; next is “Onefootball Brasil”, this one lets you choose your favorite team and get live updates both on and off the

Social and Mobile gaming continuing decline | Lazygamer .:: The …

Remember when Facebook games were killing “real gaming ” and mobile was going to take over the world? Well, Zynga has zyngone, and even King isn't on top anymore. People are still spending on digital games , but the

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