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The Dragon City and Monster Legends Fan Art Competition is your chance to design your very own game character and submit it to the team here at Social Point. Each month, our Art Team will choose one awesome design

Sonic Character Designer – Free online games at

Ever wanted to travel back in time to create classic characters like Sonic and Tails? Now you can test your skills and design your very own retro game character! Create a totally unique critter by cycling through the options for

Share Cupcakes with Friends on FaceBook | Bit Rebels

The good thing is that there is a social game available on FaceBook that allows people to bake all sorts of goodies and share them with their friends. The game is called Baking Life. In Baking Life, you run your very own bakery. … Her true love is design and self-expression. She believes in encouraging others to bring out their creativity to the surface and in whatever medium they feel comfortable with. A designer at heart that loves hand drawn design . …

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Share Cupcakes with Friends on FaceBook | Bit Rebels

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